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Relationship Coaching

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Our best and worst moments seem to happen because of the people who are in (or not in) our lives. Address your unique relationship challenges, whether that be improving communication, navigating boundaries, divergent priorities, root-causes for conflict, a break-up, or coming to grips with loss through death or dying.

Emphasis will be placed on attachment styles as an often-overlooked element in any relationship, as well as the role or technology and lifestyle factors in shaping our modern connections.

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Daniel helped me break out of a toxic relationship I had been in for six years. Obviously, I knew it wasn't about the relationship but I had no idea how to address what was really wrong. Daniel is friendly, understanding, and an excellent listener. He helped me formulate realistic goals for the new me I was working towards. It's been five months and I still have no contact with my ex.


Sedona, AZ

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