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Psychedelics Guidance and Shamanic Healing

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The psychedelics resurgence is here, yet many questions and potential pitfalls abound for those who wish to navigate this space. Receive essential guidance on safety, preparation for, and integration of psychoactive medicines from a seasoned psychedelics facilitator and former retreat center director. 

For those interested in energywork, enlist the help of a shamanic healer to remove mental, physical, and energetic barriers on your path.

Guided psychedelic medicine ceremonies are also available for those who have passed an initial screening process.

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"When it comes to Daniel's experience with psychedelics, he has extensive, first-hand experience working with plant medicine, directing programs in therapeutic settings, as well as graduate studies on the subject. He is the best psychedelics guide you could hope for, bar-none."

Psychedelics researcher, UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA

Let's Explore the Mystery

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