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 Unlock your Clarity and Peace of Mind 

Most of us feel drawn to meditation but it seems too difficult or we don't know where to start. That's why we created the ABM Course, a complete meditation program made for absolute beginners.

Each module in this 10-week course includes


Original curriculum specifically targeted to maximize your success as an absolute beginner


Instructional videos which clearly outline essential concepts, including on-screen visuals and highlights


Guided meditations for you to practice with alongside the instructor


Contemplation videos to deepen your  understanding


4-K professional quality video and sound

What people are saying...

This course blew me away. And if you think it's the course knowledge that's the most valuable, it's not. The instructor, Daniel, is an insightful, patient, and powerful teacher. He has such a sense of warmth and excitement that you can't help but feel curious and dive into the material.

Marcia W., Project Manager.

Twin Falls, ID

I felt like the teacher could translate complex concepts in a way that related to my experience. I never felt ashamed or afraid to express my experience, which is what I was most looking for as an absolute beginner.

Gerald D., Sales and marketing.

New York, NY

It wasn't until the ABM course that I felt like I really understood what meditation is or that I could do it myself. I don't think I would have felt this way if I hadn't gone through this course. I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about not meditating before and I wish I had found this resource sooner. 

Stacey D., Graphic Designer

Phoenix, Arizona

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Unlock the benefits of meditation

Experience the mental health, physical, emotional, physiological, and cognitive impacts of mindfulness practice

Tackle fidgeting and rampant thinking

Find practical solutions to the most common issues for beginners

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Master the posture

Remove doubt about how to use your body, and learn modifications based on your comfort and ability

Integrate your everyday life

Work with life issues like chaotic home environments or busy schedules

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Discover your deeper self

Connect with meditation as a path of self-exploration

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