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Entepreneurship Coaching

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Do you have ideas for a small-business that you don't know how to put into action? Do you feel scared or stuck about how to move forward? Would you like to restructure your life in order to work remotely, travel more, or achieve a specific target? In EC, also known as lifestyle coaching, no idea is too big. We give fuel to your heart's desires through taking practical steps to make what seems out of reach a reality.

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Daniel worked with me on everything from top to bottom, from a business redesign focused on automation, to my limiting beliefs, including the thought that I had to be panicked to be successful. Through our work, I saw how connected everything is. Now I feel more grounded, have more time, and make more money doing less.

Brigitta H., Business owner, entrepreneur

London, UK

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Helpful tip: Don't worry too much about the which coaching offering to choose. We will address your specific needs on the Discovery Call and make a plan custom-built for you.

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