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Wellbeing Coaching

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Daniel helped me dive into my fear and paralysis, something I had put off for my entire life. I'm a new person on the other side of it. If you want transformation, Daniel is the coach to do it with.

Meghan H., Small business owner
San Francisco, CA

It's rare that a coach can encompass this level of professionalism, clarity, and ease all at once. Daniel is that kind of teacher. His coaching is the real deal.

Liliana B., Psychologist
Vancouver, Canada

Working with Daniel feels like working with a friend. He's genuinely caring and has a lot of techniques to help you get unstuck. I needed that compassionate person, especially at that time of my life.

Brady B., Executive director, non-profit
Philadelphia, PA

Executive Coaching

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I hired Daniel in prep for the largest pitch of my career. He is by far the best outside help I have ever brought on.

Financial Services Executive,
Credit Suisse
Zürich, Switzerland

Daniel moves seamlessly between cultures, which is something I needed to learn how to better working overseas. His ability to transmit that high level of skill to me was palpable. My communication has improved and there's been a ripple-effect in my career and family life.

Finance Executive,
Etihad Airways
New York, NY

Daniel's precision and care as a coach make him an outlier. Articulate, thorough, and above all, passionate, Daniel's commitment to personal development is clear. He will transmit that to you in ways large and small.

Executive Director,
Educational non-profit
Boston, MA

Entrepreneurship Coaching

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Daniel worked with me from top to bottom, from a business redesign focused on automation, to my limiting beliefs, like that I had to be panicked to be successful. Through our work, I saw how connected everything is. Now I feel more grounded, have more time, and make more money doing less.

Brigitta H., Business owner, entrepreneur
London, UK

I am starting a boutique design practice thanks to the work Daniel and I did together. It's something I can do in my free-time, and will help me connect with my creativity, which is what I think I was looking for when considering a career change all along.

Christopher T., Marketing manager
Washington, DC

Daniel helped me gain new perspective on nearly everything in my business. It was only after I achieved a baseline of relaxation that some of the techniques that he suggested started to make sense. With just a few automations, I've already cut an hour out of my workday. And this is just the beginning. 

Meghan H., Small business owner
San Francisco, CA

Meditation Instruction

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I never felt ashamed or afraid to express my experience with Daniel, which is what I was most looking for as an absolute beginner to meditation.

Gerald D., Sales lead
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Daniel is an insightful, patient, and powerful teacher. He's intense but also approachable. He's relaxed but also knows when to challenge you. He has such a sense of warmth and excitement that you can't help but feel curious and dive into the material. I recommend working 1-on-1 with him if you can.

Marcia W., Project manager
Twin Falls, ID

Clear, precise, and easy to follow. I knew I was in good hands from the very beginning.

Ariana B., Professional athlete
Stanford, CA

Post-Traumatic Growth

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I feel like Daniel could truly understand my grief. He didn't try to change it or me. He actually traveled to that place with me and helped me heal a little bit. He helped me find a way to channel my feelings into my self-expression. 

Madison, Wisconsin

My son struggles with addiction and I felt at fault about it for a long time. Working with Daniel has taught me a lot about how to cope with loss and uncertainty. I never thought that body meditations would be actually useful but I think they might be the only thing that actually helps. I'm learning to reconnect with buried parts of myself and to be open to what comes next, whatever that might be.

Madrid, Spain

I wanted someone with direct experience with abuse, which is why I chose to work with Daniel. It's amazing how many people have had abuse in their lives, but nobody talks about it, especially men. I feel less confused already. That's enough for me to keep going.

Barnet, Vermont

Relationship Coaching

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Daniel helped me break out of a toxic relationship I had been in for six years. Obviously, I knew it wasn't about the relationship but I had no idea how to address what was really wrong. Daniel is friendly, understanding, and an excellent listener. He helped me formulate realistic goals for the new me I was working towards. It's been five months and I still have no contact with my ex.

Sedona, AZ

I came to Daniel with the idea to fix my husband. Let's just say it didn't go as planned haha. Daniel helped me find my center through working on things like meditation and rediscovering what made me happy all the way back from childhood. I realized how unhappy I was, which showed up as criticism and irritation with my partner. Today I'm much more humble in my relationship. I still work with Daniel cause I know there's a lot more to explore.

Brussels, Belgium

Daniel helped me find my sanity after I felt like I'd completely lost control; my third marriage had just ended a few months prior. Daniel helped me learn who I was because I don't think I ever really knew. Now I'm just enjoying being single, something I literally thought was impossible.

London, UK

Psychedelics Guidance

Energywork and Shamanic Healing

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When it comes to Daniel's experience with psychedelics, he has extensive, first-hand experience working with plant medicine, directing programs in therapeutic settings, as well as graduate studies on the subject. He is the best psychedelics guide you could hope for, bar-none.

PhD researcher, UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA

I heard about psychedelics as a treatment for depression so I was really curious about them. Daniel gave me new a perspective on psychedelics, that they are not just a pill you take and forget about the rest, which to be honest, was kind of what I was expecting. He's helping me to explore and discover myself so that when I am ready to take psychedelics, I will feel ready.

Dianna K., E-commerce entrepreneur
San Francisco, CA

Daniel's commitment to furthering authentic psychedelic experience from an experiential, scientific, and therapeutic standpoint is unquestionable. I have never met someone who so thoroughly embodies these normally disparate perspectives on entheogens. Not only does he embody them, but he harmonizes them into a coherent philosophy. 

Psychedelics researcher, UW-Madison
Madison, WI

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Techniques and certifications and education aside, Daniel truly is a healer.

Marcia W., Project manager
Twin Falls, ID

There's no way to really describe the shamanism that Daniel does. I think the best way I can say it is that he enters the darkness with you. He goes into the real pain and you can see he's not afraid at all. And he takes the pain and it's gone.

Erika F., Theater manager
Munich, Germany

Daniel did more to heal my leg injury in one session than in five years of physical therapy. I can't explain it. I'm not a hippie but he clearly understands about the body in a deep way. And he knows how to eliminate pain completely. It just works.

Janice H., College math professor
Poconos, PA

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